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My husband got short term disability thru Transamerica, he paid his premiums on time, they came out of his paycheck before he got paid. Well when he had surgery march 29, 2012 and filed his claim, we have gotten nothing but the run around, they keep saying they asked for records from the va hospital and the va hospital says they havent.

So we took the 4 hr round trip to get the 160 page medical record ourself to fax them in person, We go to my husbands employer and fax them from there.

And today Transamerica says they have not received them.. We will be contacting an attorney.

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I have had the same issue. Will be going out on another LOA and need to reopen the claim and I can't get anyone on the phone !!!!!!

Kingsport, Tennessee, United States #994467

where is the better business bureau


I was told on or off the job if I paid a certain amount is receive a certain amount only to discover I receive a partial amount if I get injured on the the job and the full amount if I get injured off the job. What the F---do they have to do with workers comp I don't know but they're a ripoff that's the tipoff.


My wife had to take short term disability after she went into pre term labor. That was 5 months ago and we have gotten one really small check 2 months ago, now they say they want us resubmit all new paperwork and start over..... I'm just wondering if you were able to resolve anything???

to Husband disgruntled Pomona Park, Florida, United States #994499

I never did get anything resolved.. we didn't get any $$ from Transamerica .. but they sure did get their premiums

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