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Transamerica ripped me off with what I believe were questionable legal fees based on allegations they knew were bogus as I provided them with evidence proving they were bogus before they petitioned Federal Court. They withheld those pieces of evidence from the Federal Court with their petition.

I motioned to the court that they were required to first investigate before even filing their petition with the court as required by TITLE 28 App. > FEDERAL > TITLE > Rule 11 and not withhold evidence. They did so anyway and I protested in my motion to the court which the court refused to consider.

The details in comments I made of what they did I made available on social media I now see that efforts have been made by persons unknown to make my web comments difficult to access and can now only be found by specifically Googling: "Transamerica interpleader." It is for that reason, I am writing this review so people will know the details of what they did and are continuing to do. What they do and what they continue to do need to be known to warn the public so as not to fall in the same trap as I and many others have.

I didn't like: I was ripped off.

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Wow! I live in Newark NJ AND I have Transamerica thru my County job and let me tell you this people are a joke, I had a car accident in August , 2017, I sent all kind of documentation that they request and is August 2, 2018 they not even wants to pay me!! fuc...ing company we need to do a class action we everyone who had a problem with this scam company!!!

to Anonymous #1539411

Our Federal Courts have been corrupted by Transamerica as I found out. The abuse upon me was begun with a written ultimatum, either I submit to a sibling's lies and give her what she wanted of Transamerica would sue me in court and pay lawyers they would hire with the money they were supposed to pay me in what is called an "interpleader." In every so called Interpleader Case, the Federal Courts award a sizable portion of the money they are supposed to pay the designated beneficiary and do so in violation of the protections that are in place against being falsely accused.

In my case, I had plenty of evidence proving that which in the process is never considered UNTIL AFTER they get your money! In this legal process victims of this scam are required to PAY BOTH the lawyers that the court forces you to hire PLUS the lawyers that are for Transamerica AGAINST you! That is like arm wrestling against yourself! And the notion that Transamerica is a "disinterested third party that is just trying to protect themselves from having to pay two claimants, that is a laugh!

You'd have to be a fool to believe that, particularly since they been doing this for years, playing stupid, getting rewarded for it while not doing any investigating and hiding evidence from the court. But as I said, the court is corrupted anyway. They pull this same scam with hurricane victims by creating a pretense of a dispute to be supposedly settled in court where Billions of dollars of tax payer money is awarded to insurance companies and hurricane victims lose a third of their settlements to lawyers they have to hire. A system has been imposed us whereby we are required to pay legal costs of our own accusers, which I have no doubt the booty is split between the insurance companies and the lawyers they enlist to participate in this scam!

Our Constitution is written that states you can not lose life, property or liberty without due process. So don't look to our courts! But there is a solution: Warn everyone not to do business with Transamerica like we are doing here! That's how people can fight them.

Someone wrote that the Better Business Bureau is no help.

I disagree. They rate Transamerica an "F." Between Pissed Consumer and the Better Business Bureau the word is out there!

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