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Update by user Sep 19, 2017

Got a letter today from Transamerica stating that an a effort to resolved this matter as a one time courtesy they are moving my paid to date to October as opposed to the letters an emails i have gotten since this all began stating that i was paid up to August now they want me to believe that they are doing me a favor which in fact they are trying to cover up what i been saying for the longest that every since they acquire this company from Stonebridge that they have not been doing the job that they were paid to do this is why i lied and told them i didnt print out the transaction because i knew if they didnt think i had proof that they would do exactly what i thought so i waited until they sent me all there proof that they were right and i was wrong you would think that by now they would know i am always going to be right when it comes to my money i will attempt to show you some photos of my proof and there proof dont know a lot about how to download but i will try

Original review posted by user Sep 05, 2017

I got a letter from Transamerica stating they no longer will accept money orders so i paid online for my three polices for August and September which was 66.76 and my husband 19.90 so i checked my husband my husband Edwin Pickens it showed that his was posted up to October i paid both policies on the same day using the same credit card but mines wasn't posted so i called transamerica a rep told me that my last payment was in june which was a lie and they haven't received my payment so i called Capital One and was told that both payment was posted on 08/23/17 so i did a three way call myself,Transamerica and capital one so a rep from capital one told her that a payment for 19.90 and 66.76 was posted on 08/23/17 she said that it don't show on her screen so i asked her to explain why my husband policy showed that his was posted and mines not especially since they was paid on same day using the same credit card she said she didnt know and that my policies are coming up to the grace period if that happens my policies will be cancel so as of now they must not have found my money cause i checked my account it still say paid up to August the sad thing is i go through every month faxing proof of payment which isn't free so i told her to tell her boss that i am done paying for there employees mistake and that i am not paying until October and if my policies is cancel because of there incompetent employees i will see there *** in court so far my policies have yet to be posted

Product or Service Mentioned: Transamerica Life Insurance.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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You're right after rereading what I post I did failed to say what my issue with this company that's because it's not just one specific thing each month after I mail in my payment I would get a letter or an email or a call stating my payments are due so when I finally get someone on the phone I say i paid it on what ever day it was so then I'm told to send a fax of proof of payment which cost about five dollars and when I can't afford to fax it because I'm on disability I sometimes mail it in which is a dollar less than a fax because i have to pay bus fare to get to the mail box since it was moved and it hard for me to travel because of my arthritis in my hands and feet and this happen every month since Transamerica took over and I'm so tired of having to pay for there employees mistake


Despite your endless run on sentence I am unable to ascertain the true nature of your problem.

Pardon the ignorant readership here but you failed to describe the nature of your fiduciary obligations towards any of the participants listed here.

Please learn proper grammar and punctuation. Your complaint is difficult to read.

Sympathy Level = 0

to Anonymous #1368614

Yes I will take your advice and learn to used the correct grammar good looking out and since this site is called Pissed off consumers and not proper grammar please tell me how and what words you're talking about so that I can edit my post so that you and others can understand what my issue is so thank you so much for your honesty it's so rare these days

to Anonymous #1368620

Since grammar and punctuation means a lot to you how do I edited my post so that you and anyone else that reads it will know what I'm talking about I will check back later for your answer again thank you so much

to Anonymous #1475134

And anonymous you are quite ignorant yourself. To make nasty comments because you don’t like how a person may type doesn’t make you smarter! My sympathy level to you is -0

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